Filosofie společnosti


  • Create an future with an innovative approach.
  • The quality of our outputs is a matter of course, not a dream.
  • Be a respected partner to all stakeholders.
  • Environmental responsibility is a natural aspect of all our activities.
  • It is not important to be seen, but to help where it is needed.
  • We are a system where everyone has a role to play and thus contributes to functionality.
  • Security is not just a password, it is the main condition for any activity.


1. Motivate people and build society

We DENSO Czech consider as important to give people the opportunity.
Our company is developing thanks to its employees and customers.
Continuous self-improvement is the basis of prosperity.

2. Reliability

We respect individuality.
We are proud of the trust of our customers.

3. Creativity

Employees overcome all obstacles.
We accept new challenges and improve our products.

4. Benefits for the region

Our company is a good citizen of the region.
We help all DENSO Czech employees to realize their dreams.