The development and education of our employees is one of the pillars of our company.

Employees’ journey to increase their knowledge and skills begins on the day they join the company when they receive the necessary information from many areas in the form of introduction training, so their adaptation is successful, they can play an active role in the company and start their career.

In the following period, all employees go through the training plan which is tailored to the complexity of their position and to their carrier growth as prepared by the manager and company’s HR department.

We use various forms of education from company internal trainings, through the trainings prepared by DENSO Group (regional and global), to sophisticated and professional external training and educational programs.

Our Training Center offers facilities for the various types of trainings and presentations including an area for testing the practical skills of employees and we fully utilize it for our trainings. Interactive projector and IT corner enables us to also provide the trainings of technical and IT knowledge and skills.


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